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Who We Are...

Berger Strategic Communications Inc. puts 30 years of marketing, business and communications expertise behind your story. Whether to inform, entertain or motivate action, our multiplatform capabilities boast internationally published photography, impactful copywriting, polished video editing, print, digital and visual elements– all under one roof.

Effective, well-executed communications is critical to building a motivated and valued workforce, expanding your client base, and developing prospective business partners. Expertly crafted narratives define your company’s culture, thus allowing you to attract and retain the best employees while always supporting your clients’ growth and success.

We are dedicated to doing just that through creative thinking, innovative writing and expert multimedia production. Our strategic planning and execution begin at the highest levels and gains momentum as it is consumed throughout your audiences.

How We Work...

No matter the size of your organization or project, we partner with you and remain accessible as if we were working from your office. We believe in frequent, candid contact and partnership in the truest sense of the word.

The first step to a successful outcome is listening. Through open dialog, we will help determine and refine your needs and desired outcomes. Once you are satisfied with the specifics of your project, including deliverables and timelines, we will get to work communicating with you every step of the way.

No project is complete until you are fully satisfied.

Our Services


Our photography capabilities are built upon years of experience. Whether under the spotlight of internationally recognizable individuals and brands, or your local business or organization, you will be seen in a positive light through professionally composed photography.

Put your best face forward with professional headshots, capturing your company in action and events through quality, professional photography backed with Fortune 300 experience.

Video Editing
The popularity of video as a communication vehicle is on the rise with no end in sight. Employees see video as an effective and preferred means of communications. Video, more than any other communication vehicle, allows you to strengthen your message with emotional imagery, graphics, and  tone, and enables more compelling story telling that inspires action and drives business success.

Our video experience covers it all including interview style, event coverage that includes sponsorships of large sporting events, motion graphics to explain or inspire and much more.

Sometimes you need that precise graphic with just the right branding, imaging and message to make your point or generate action. Everything that goes into the design of a graphic should have that in mind. Our capabilities include everything from pull quote and data graphics to gain attention on social media.


What you say and how you say it represents who you are from a cultural and relationship standpoint. You can count on clear, purpose-driven copywriting that elicits the reaction and action you need from your staff or partners. Backed by education and experience at the highest levels, this is our promise to you.


Having a well thought-out  strategy, accounting for each desired outcome and audience will lead to a successful campaign. Our experience includes audiences of 20,000 individuals to only a few and levels of complexity across the spectrum.

Count on Berger Strategic Communications to carefully plan and execute your message and drive your business forward.

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